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Make Peace with Your Past - Reiki Healing Technique

Its rightly said many of us have hidden fears, experiences or some past issues which we have been unable to release for years owing to which our present life is affected due to lots of subconscious blockages and mind-conditioning. So why not go back to that certain even of life and face hidden fear, hurt, […] Read more

How to Befriend Yourself with Reiki

Have you ever befriended with yourself? If your answer is yes, great. If you haven’t yet, you are not too late. You can begin it now at this moment. You might now be asking questions like “What am I going to gain by befriending with myself? How Can I do it?” Let me share my experiences […] Read more

Reiki Grid for Relationship Healing

In modern days, youngsters are so imbalanced in their relationships due to overthinking and unexpected rivalry. I have seen many young couples who aren’t like-minded with their spouses. Very rarely are those who are living in harmony with each other and with their elders and the reason this is happening is their ego, pride, desire […] Read more

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Reiki for Triglycerides – A Case Study

A young lady in her thirties after breaking up with her boyfriend visited me to discuss her astronomical chart. I prefer giving online consultation, this time on her request I scheduled a meeting. She was facing a couple of health issues but now she wishes to restart a new phase of life. During the discussion, […] Read more

Bell the Cat-Aract with Reiki

Vision is one of the most important senses of our life. Eyes help us see the most beautiful shades of different colours, beautiful creations of God, identify objects, etc. It helps us to decide whether to walk confidently or safely even on paths unknown. And when vision gets affected we tend to panic, as life […] Read more

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