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reiki energy ball

Reiki Energy Sword

Reiki Energy Sword

Our world is made up of energy and vibrations. All living beings have their own vibes which merge with the others and exchange of energy occurs. Generally, it goes from more energy to less energy. Other people absorb this energy from people practicing Reiki who used to have the high vibrations level. In this, we […] Read more

Manifest Money with Reiki

As I always say, Money is an integral part of our life. Apart from our basic needs, we need money to live the life we envisaged for ourselves and for our family. The extra income is always helpful to fulfil our desires and goals. Aren’t we all always on a look for the ways to […] Read more


Water is so common yet so powerful. If we can harness the power of water, it can help us with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Remember you were instructed in your Reiki 1 Class that you must drink lots of water prior to and especially post healing? That is because water helps to flush […] Read more


Sensing Power through Energy Ball

People realize that by rubbing their hands vigorously, they feel more energized. It will make your hands sensitive and help you to get aware of energy in a better way. You can run your hands over the body or by keeping 1-3 inches away from the physical body. There are cold or hot spots realized […] Read more


Reiki Ball is a helpful way of creating a force of energy to do several kinds of tasks. The exercise of making energy ball helps a person to generate energy field around us and bring its influence on own or others. Energy ball is a simple way of getting aware of energy. Personal energy can […] Read more