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reiki detox

There's A New Detox In Town - The Reiki Detox

Article by Anna Honeth Health and happiness has become a trend everyone can stand behind, along with this is the growing detox trend. Detox diets last anywhere from three days to a month, and can require juicing or other methods of fasting. The next upcoming detox is called a Reiki detox. It not only improves the […] Read more


Reiki Detoxification Symptoms

Reiki, an ancient Japanese healing technique, is becoming popular day by day. This technique provides a person with “Universal Life Energy” that strengthens the immune system in order to start self-healing process inside body. This process repairs your body tissues, remove toxins and impurities, and restores balance and health by cleansing the body. Every person […] Read more


What is Reiki Detox? When a student completes Reiki attunement, they feel a ‘strange period’ in their body and mind, which lasts for approximately 21 days. This period refers to Reiki Detox. In this phase, the Reiki energies are channelized and 7 chakras in body are balanced and incorporated in the body of a person. […] Read more