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reiki detox

There's A New Detox In Town - The Reiki Detox

Article by Anna Honeth Health and happiness has become a trend everyone can stand behind, along with this is the growing detox trend. Detox diets last anywhere from three days to a month, and can require juicing or other methods of fasting. The next upcoming detox is called a Reiki detox. It not only improves the […] Read more


Reiki Detoxification Symptoms

Reiki, an ancient Japanese healing technique, is becoming popular day by day. This technique provides a person with “Universal Life Energy” that strengthens the immune system in order to start self healing process inside body. This process repairs your body tissues, remove toxins and impurities, and restores balance and health by cleansing the body. Every […] Read more


What is Reiki Detox? When a student completes Reiki attunement, they feel a ‘strange period’ in their body and mind, which lasts for approximately 21 days. This period refers to Reiki Detox. In this phase, the Reiki energies are channelized and 7 chakras in body are balanced and incorporated in the body of a person. […] Read more

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