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Reiki and the Realities of Psychic Development

Back in 1999 when I started my Reiki training the subject of psychic ability came up in a conversation with a group of students who were on the same two day course. It was during this general discussion on all things Reiki that I was informed that studying Reiki can also help develop any latent […] Read more

6 Steps to Perform Psychic Surgery

One of the most popular articles on our website is the one where Reiki Master Sunetra Dasgupta is presenting her own simple 6 steps method to perform psychic surgery. This encouraged us to create an infographic. How to use it? Click the image to see it in full size, then click Back in your browser to return here. […] Read more


Reiki Psychic Surgery

Psychic Surgery is removing negative energies and blocks from the aura and the body. It is a non-invasive method where the healer can actually pull out negative thought pattern, deep blocks, trauma etc. from the psyche of the patient. It is taught in the Master degree in Reiki and though it is not a part […] Read more


Using this technique, Reiki practitioners can connect with people on a physic level. When doing this, center your attention in the forehead, the third eye chakra. In doing so, the dream and reality tend to merge into one, empowering the energy of thoughts to reach anywhere. You need to be attuned to Level 2 (Advanced) […] Read more

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