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Subconscious Mind and Healing

Subconscious Mind and Healing

Article by Vivek Mantri I have been into Energy healing past few years where I have dealt with various sorts of people who create impact on our life. Knowingly, Unknowingly Both. This is applicable in all facets of life. Impacts, which happen on us, consciously we can easily come out of it, by taking necessary […] Read more

Wisdom Tooth Pain and Reiki

Well, you will think why this as a topic? Without wisdom tooth, there is no wisdom. I am kidding. This has become a common pain to most of the people who are in their 20s and 30s. Recently, I have gone through 2 wisdom tooth surgeries. I have healed my teeth with Reiki for 6 […] Read more


Reiki and Pranic Healing are the ways of holistically treating a person or living being. The principle behind both these treatments is similar, but there is a huge difference between both these healing therapies. Undoubtedly, the main principle is same, but the way of doing the treatment is different for practitioners. This is a quick […] Read more


You might have heard about Reiki and Pranic healing. The concept behind healing for these methodologies is similar. They are holistic healing methods and people from all over the world have experienced and implemented these procedures. Reiki was originated in Japan and Pranic Healing has Indian origin. Both these healing therapies have similar concept of […] Read more