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Hand Positions in Reiki

Hand Positions in Reiki

Frequently, during Reiki training classes, students ask me why we need to learn hand positions to give Reiki to another person, and for self-treatments. My usual answer is that it is important to have a foundational base for our hands, as each hand position correlates to a major chakra and its meridians. As time goes […] Read more

Reiki and Meridians

Article by Liz Rowlands Reiki purists insist that knowledge of the body’s energy system is not required when giving Reiki as the Reiki energy will flow into the body where it is needed and this is indeed true. But it is now over 100 years since Dr Usui brought Reiki through again to this planet […] Read more

Anxiety or Claustrophobia

https://reikirays.com/podcast/ReikiRaysPodcast0011_M33.mp3 Ask your own question here, and find the transcript for this podcast below. Question by Kathy: Recently, a couple of my clients that I was working on stated that, while I was working on them, they all of a sudden had an overwhelming feeling of anxiety or claustrophobia and almost wanted to get off the […] Read more


Chakras and Meridians

Flowing From Above

When learn about how the physical body works, we learn that there are organs throughout the body and that there are blood vessels and nerve endings that carry life force and information all around the body, to and from these organs. We learn that these processes keep us alive and healthy. We learn that when […] Read more

The Seven Main Chakras

Chakras are spiritual energy centers located in our spiritual bodies that channels Universal Life force Energy or Qi/Ki both (In and Out) of our physical and spiritual selves. They are considered both transmitters and receivers of energy. Meridians are energy paths in the body in which Qi/Ki flows through. The idea with both is that […] Read more

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