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mental health

Just for Today: Living the Reiki Principles

Each Reiki practitioner is familiar with Usui’s five precepts; principles by which to live a happy life. The more we align with the five principles, the more heightened our practice becomes. And each time we experience a little miracle, a drop of magic, within the practice of Reiki, we deepen our belief and faith in […] Read more

Reiki: It’s not Magic, It’s Science!

Vitality It’s a word for energy that we all wish we had more of. In today’s world, we spend most of our lives rushing around without stopping to take a breather. We try dieting, exercise, meditation, drink lots of coffee and even sodas or energy drinks just to get our vital energy up so we […] Read more

Reiki as aide in mental health

Our current day-to-day lives are a constant race. We are always rushing, never taking a moment to stop and analyze our current state of mind. We don’t allow ourselves to process events or traumas because to show ourselves as vulnerable implies weakness. Stress, anxiety, and fear are very present in our day-to-day lives. We are […] Read more


When Spiritual People Attack

When spiritual people attack

Over the time I’ve been writing for Reiki Rays, I’ve shared some experiences with other spiritual people that have been both wonderful and glorious and others who’ve been hurtful. I usually share what I’ve found disturbing about their behaviour, but I have never ever publicly or in an open forum named people or ever defamed […] Read more

There's A New Detox In Town - The Reiki Detox

Article by Anna Honeth Health and happiness has become a trend everyone can stand behind, along with this is the growing detox trend. Detox diets last anywhere from three days to a month, and can require juicing or other methods of fasting. The next upcoming detox is called a Reiki detox. It not only improves the […] Read more

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