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karuna reiki

Karuna Reiki® Guided Healing Procedure

Greetings Everyone. We all gage known the magical powerful healing benefits of Karuna Reiki®. This is an ideal Modality which deals with the compassionate action of dealing with own self, embracing your uniqueness, accepting self, healing shadow self, healing your past, addictions, hurts, traumas, etc and working beautifully with multidimensional energies as well helping one […] Read more

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Five Essential Strategies for Building Your Reiki Practice

In Reiki Teachership, there is something known as the Teacher’s Kit. The Teacher’s Kit comprises of 3 symbols, Mae-Loong, Dumo, and Raku. Though the kit may differ from person to person, these were the symbols given to me during attunement by my teacher. There are already articles on Dumo and Raku, hence I thought why […] Read more


Blessed Reiki!

Blessed Reiki!

When I wake up in the morning, Reiki is present. Reiki is present with me throughout my day. Reiki energy surrounds me whilst I sleep. Even if I forget to invoke my symbols, the energy of Reiki continues to nudge me gently throughout my day: “Wake up! I’m here! Call on me!” Reiki energy seems […] Read more