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judy camblor

Protecting Your Energy As a Healer

My advice to novice healers is to continue practicing on yourself and learn to work with your own special energy.  I like to think that each Reiki healer has his or her own special life force energy vibration and that they were divinely directed to practice Reiki for certain special needs they may have in […] Read more

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How Do We Deal with this Pandemic? Step 1 – Start with Your Home

We are living in unbelievable times. Although experts have been claiming and reporting that a pandemic of this proportion was certainly possible and likely, our world governments have chosen to ignore the facts and statistics to the detriment of all humanity. As I sit and think about the current situation, I wonder how can I […] Read more

Living an Inspired Life through Reiki

Holding space for others during their healing journey has led me to live an inspired life through Reiki. As a conduit of life force energy, I allow others to freely express their needs and assist them in finding harmony and balance. I live inspired by my Reiki practice every day as I see the people […] Read more