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Reiki and Perfect Weight

Reiki Perfect Weight

The modern world brought advancement and ease in our lives, but at the same time introduced a new health issue to us and it is called obesity or being overweight. Our ancestors, who were very close to nature, may never felt this physical condition. Judging from the current scenario, we can obviously see that our […] Read more


Clock of Magic


Everything in nature has a rhythm. The sun and the moon were regarded among ancient people as representative of the duality of the masculine and feminine. They used these forces to create a rhythm and cycle for spiritual life. Timing is an important element in the practice of Reiki, psychic awareness or any other form […] Read more

New Moon Ritual for Health, Love and Money

New moon is the time of action – to start working towards your goals and wishes, to manifest perfect health and relationships, to start a new venture and finally see all these reaching to a new peak in near future. This New Moon, let us concentrate on 3 main aspects of life – Health, Love […] Read more

Reiki and Essential Oils II

As we continue with our journey of these essential oils, one must remember to check the authenticity of the oils, as synthetic ones may not give the desired results or may have some adverse effects. The next 9 essential oils are as follows: Clove oil (For Tooth ache) This essential oil is made by water […] Read more

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Blessed Bucks

Blessed Bucks

The concept of ‘Blessed Bucks’ was originated from the belief that whatever you do, returns to you ten folds. The ‘Blessed Bucks’ concept was originated as money spell in 1989. How to prepare Blessed Bucks: Take a dollar bill or any bill of your currency. Bless the money by writing May you be blessed with […] Read more