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Managing Existential Depression with Reiki

In my most recent article, I discussed the concept of existential depression and its manifestation as a spiritual emergence or crisis. The article also described the symptoms of existential depression, along with its similarities to, and differences from, traditional clinical depression. Additionally, it examined existential depression as an opportunity for momentous spiritual growth as the […] Read more

How to Apply Reiki for Root Chakra Healing ~ Part Three

Remember that the Root chakra is a sensitive area of the body, especially when working around the pubic bone! When offering Reiki here, hover a few inches above the chakra. Feel the energy, remembering that in Sanskrit, the word ‘chakra’ means ‘wheel.’ The energy wheel could feel gritty, or blocked, like there is sand or […] Read more

Reiki Treatment Adjustment for Elderly

Normally, in a Reiki treatment, we adopt the techniques suited to the patient/client needs and condition and then we pass the energy to the patient/client. Generally, after activating hands we perform the scan, smooth the Aura, make our invocations (if this is our normal procedure), ground ourselves as well as client (it is highly recommended) […] Read more

Future Life Viewing Technique

Greetings Everyone, today I shall be sharing about how to do Future Life Viewing (FLV) with Reiki. Future Life Viewing (FLV) basically helps one to get the bird view of our life, to enable us to know whether our decisions are in alignment with our soul mission or not. For example, when one is confused […] Read more