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Future Life Viewing Technique

Greetings Everyone, today I shall be sharing about how to do Future Life Viewing (FLV) with Reiki. Future Life Viewing (FLV) basically helps one to get the bird view of our life, to enable us to know whether our decisions are in alignment with our soul mission or not. For example, when one is confused […] Read more


Root Chakra Meditation

Root Chakra Meditation

Also known as Muladhara in Sanskrit, ‘mula’ meaning ‘root’ and ‘dhara’ meaning ‘support’, it governs a person’s relationship with both the basic needs pertaining to physical as well as psychological factors like food, water, shelter, trust, acceptance, comfort, family values, personality, etc. This is our grounding and survival energy and thus we can ground our […] Read more

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Reiki Energy Healing Guidelines

Greetings everyone. Here, I was guided to share the 9 Energy Healing Steps, for effective and successful healing sessions. I have encountered people who after practicing Reiki faced problems like carrying clients’ energies on their own energy fields, or they are attacked by psychic vampires that it actually demotivated them to follow healing practices. I […] Read more

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Healing Inner Child through Reiki

Greetings Everyone. It had been a long time since I wrote my last article. Hope this article – Healing Inner Child, helps you in releasing deep embedded subconscious toxic thoughts, feelings and emotions. Our childhood forms the strong foundation to the future and if your inner child is hurt, then it leads to: Low self-esteem […] Read more


Practicing Jaki Kiri Joka Ho

Practicing Jaki Kiri Joka Ho

It is one of the Japanese Reiki techniques of energetically cleansing of unwanted energies which should be performed ONLY on non- living things. The meaning of the term: Jaki means negative energy, unwanted, unfavorable, unhealthy energy Kiri to cut Joka means cleansing or purifying Ho means technique Precautions: It should only be done on non- […] Read more

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