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The path to self-transformation -How Reiki and life skills are connected

Article by Ranjini Rao As human beings all of us have our innate qualities. We as human beings are also bound to self-belief systems that have shaped our behavior, attitude, experiences, created by our own self, influenced by our family, friends, relatives, teachers and society. We are so conditioned throughout our lives that we come to a […] Read more


Saved by Reiki

Saved by Reiki

Today being Sunday 13th September 2015 I have taught a Reiki 2 course. This course and the participants today have saved my faith. The course today has restored my faith in Reiki, in beautiful and genuine people and in the human race. There were five glorious ladies who came together for Reiki Level 2 from […] Read more

Reiki checks blood sugar level

How often does life go as smooth as one intends to. My friend Vedant are a family of three but relatives and friends make the circle huge. They all bond over the smallest of events and daily activities; it’s like a joint family living in separate houses. When family get together it is impossible to […] Read more


Reiki beyond Imagination

Reiki beyond imagination

We are energy, every relationship is energy, and every incident is energy. And all non-living things are also energy. Non-living thing would be the inappropriate word as they are also blessed with frequencies and energies. I prefer calling them Non-organic. Being a simulation software engineer my job is to design products like aircraft, cars etc […] Read more


Eternally Connected…

Eternally Connected

Article by Necole Stephens We all have moments or even days when we are in a dark place and feel all hope is lost while questioning our faith. My world was gone, as I once knew it. Being a medium and Reiki master, I knew there was more, but being a mom struggling through such […] Read more