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Reiki and the Realities of Psychic Development

Back in 1999 when I started my Reiki training the subject of psychic ability came up in a conversation with a group of students who were on the same two day course. It was during this general discussion on all things Reiki that I was informed that studying Reiki can also help develop any latent […] Read more


In Search of Our Objective Truth


As a qualified trainer and Reiki teacher part of my educational and vocational remit is to train students who wish to become Reiki practitioners or teachers themselves. This requires an understanding of accepted academic principles and teaching practices, coupled with the ability and experience to deliver sometimes complex esoteric subjects in a way that makes […] Read more


A Degree in Disabilities

The art of nature

Having looked at the dictionary to find a true definition of the word ‘disability’ I can safely say that every person I’ve ever known and I include myself in this statement, everyone I have ever taught or worked with has had a disability to one degree or another. A considerable length of time working in […] Read more


Reiki Your Spiritual Sat-Nav

Ok, we all know about Reiki; it’s well documented and in some cases has been talked to death. On the other hand the subject of ‘stuff’ by comparison is virgin territory that can, on closer inspection turn up a few new insights to the relationship between Reiki and stuff in general. Reiki in our life […] Read more


Gratitude and Healing

Gratitude is crucial in healing service. We have to practice gratitude in our lives for our own healing and those we treat will heal much more quickly as they shift into an “attitude of gratitude”. Many references to the Reiki precepts include “I will be grateful for my many blessings”. I think this is because […] Read more