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That New Crayon Smell…

That New Crayon Smell…

As I helped my kids get ready for back to school and gathered supplies for their upcoming year, I can’t help but think back to my childhood and the excitement I would feel getting new supplies, especially that brand new box of crayons. There was something about the smell of cracking open that new box […] Read more


What is Intention?

What is Intention?

When you begin to work with Reiki, you will hear that it is “based in intention”, that it “works with your intention”, that “intention directs it” and various other teachings relating to intention. If you are like me, the word intention will likely have only a vague meaning to you when you first hear these […] Read more

Intentions: Utilizing Reiki Beyond the Law of Attraction By Kathi Rancourt, RN (Reiki Nurse)

Intentions are like commands to the Universe. What we focus on, think about, and feel is what we create into being. Have you ever really considered that concept? It takes contemplation and a still mind to thoroughly understand and grasp that concept fully. It’s as though one gets short ‘glimpses’ of the reality of this […] Read more

Maintaining the Vibration of a Healer in the Face of Daily Life

As we train to become Reiki practitioners, we learn how to begin living the Principles, become attuned to the utterly beautiful and subtle energies that we had been previously blocked from, and learn to share the energy with others. This is done as a journey which at first calls us to leave our normal life […] Read more


Reiki for Emotional Healing

Emotional healing

Do you express your emotions freely? We all have emotions but we don’t always feel comfortable expressing them. Unless we acknowledge and express our emotions, it would be difficult to heal them. Before diving into the significance of emotional health, let us first understand emotional expression in the context of age and gender. Young Children […] Read more

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