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Coping Strategies

Article by Jennifer Scott There is nothing easy about losing a loved one. Hearing the news from afar can be even more devastating when coping with the newly-formed absence in your life. In tough times like these, you may struggle to find the best path forward and make decisions that are best for you and […] Read more

Healing from loss of departed ones

We all are aware that one day, we have to leave this body, but we do not like to think about it-not for us, or even our loved ones. And when we come across a situation where we have to face the truth of departure of our loved ones, we get shattered. Recently, I encountered […] Read more


Reiki and “Death”

Reiki and Death

Hello Beautiful Souls! I have professed my love for tarot and oracle cards in various articles, hence I thought of sharing my love for the “dark” cards of tarot, and how I use those energies with help of Reiki. The 13th card of the Tarot is the beautiful card of “Death”. Mostly termed as “negative” […] Read more


Reiki for Grieving Parents

Reiki Grieving Parents

With large, salty tears sliding down her cheeks, my hospice patient talked about the death of her son a few months previously. Her grief was overwhelming, and I could feel the pain emanating from her being. She had never imagined her son would die before her, and she questioned her faith, stating she did not […] Read more

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Reiki your deceased loved ones to ease their path!!

Everyone has to go through the phase of losing their loving parents. And I’m not an exception. In the early beginning of the year 2016, my father left his body on 11th January. Last year on his birthday (22nd November,2015), when I called home to talk to him, the very first thought came to my […] Read more