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Healers in Atlantis Were You One

Atlantis was a subcontinent located between Europe and America. It holds special significance for the healing community as people in Atlantis are supposed to have been powerful healers. Many clairvoyant healers of today have taken a peek into the past and have received information that may help us understand life in Atlantis. Here I present […] Read more

Healing with Light and Colour 1

Light healing can be clubbed effectively with Reiki to support the process of physical healing. In light healing, we use lights of varied colours to heal. I mostly use green, pink and white light, as I have found that these colours are deeply healing. At times, I also use violet, blue, orange, red and yellow, […] Read more


My brother had once attended a Reiki Seminar, when he asked the Teacher, why each chakra was represented by different colour, he was admonished saying that, it’s just how it is and he should accept it. I guess many people have the same question in mind or might have not struck some people why are […] Read more


Since coming across the 12 colour meditation by Mary Derr on Alain Herriott’s book Supercharging Quantum Touch, I was inspired to use it within my Reiki practice for both myself and my Reiki clients. I have already been using colours with my Reiki channelling and chakra balancing work, but the moment I learnt this simple […] Read more