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VIBGYOR Flame Chakra Cleansing

VIBGYOR Flame Chakra Cleansing

This method merges Candle Healing, Color Therapy and Reiki which makes this a deep cleansing technique. 1. Call upon your guides and angels to help you with chakra cleansing. 2. Light a candle and focus on the flame. Draw whatever symbols you are attune to on your palms. Charge your palms with fiery energy of the [...]

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Guided Purple Rain Meditation

Purple rain

One of my favorite things to incorporate these days into my Reiki practice is color work. Each chakra has a different color associated with it that can be tapped into during a healing session. Colors can provide a huge relief for a client in a guided meditation and help them to open up more to [...]


Using Color to Enhance Healing

Unknown Beauty

You may have noticed that colors feel very soothing or that a particular color pulls you to it at certain times. Most of us recognize that we resonate more with one color or a group of colors than others. They match our frequency best and so they feel most compatible with us. When we are [...]


Candle Reiki

Did you know that you can combine the healing properties of Reiki with something as simple as a lit candle? Reiki healing combined with Color Candle Therapy is a wonderful and effective combination of two healing energies. The color of the candle helps to empower the intention behind the Reiki healing, and the fire from [...]


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