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Reiki Symbols – Divine Friends

Reiki Symbols – Divine Friends

I would like to share the workplace experience with divine Reiki symbols- Power symbol and Halu®. Many of us have some occasions when the higher bosses in the workplace ask you to perform a task which you are not necessarily obliged to perform but still you cannot say ‘No’ within certain parameters. As soon as […] Read more


Reiki and Soul Shock

Reiki and Soul Shock

It seems to me that much has been written about soul shock from twin flames, chasers, and runners’ perspective. That is not my intent here. The human soul, I believe, is a living, breathing part of the human being that survives the body after its death. And because it is a living aspect, it can […] Read more


We asked and you answered! Over the years, we’ve seen your amazing article comments full of insights and useful tips! We are honored to have such a great Reiki community. That’s why we’ve decided to strengthen it by sharing your unique contribution among thousands of readers all around the globe. You don’t have to be […] Read more


Karmic Objects

Karmic Reiki- karmic objects

Hello everyone, a warm greetings to all of you. Today, in this article I would like to share information about karmic objects. I hope you find this article helpful in interpretations and analysis during scanning process of yourself and others. So, what are karmic objects? Karmic objects are certain objects which are subtly located in […] Read more

Energies and Aura

Everything in the universe is just a vibration. Every atom, part of an atom, electrons, every elementary particle and even conscious and subconscious thoughts are nothing but vibrations. Aura can be defined as an “ELECTRONIC-PHOTONIC” vibration, response of an object to some external force. We can train ourselves to see the Auras. Aura is a […] Read more

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