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Animal Reiki

Recently, I have had a surge of people contacting me asking me for help with their pets who are fighting cancer. While I am always able to help I like to educate them and provide information on how easy it is for them to send healing Reiki energy to their pets themselves. I’ve had many […] Read more

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Sending Reiki to Creatures in the Wild

Do you ever send Reiki to the animals that share space with you around your home? Animals have much to teach us if we take the time to listen. Noticing and connecting to wildlife you see every day will help you grow your awareness and deepen your Reiki practice. Animals are very intuitive. They instinctively […] Read more


Reiki for Animals


“There is absolutely nothing that Reiki cannot help heal.” This is one quote I came across and absolutely loved because it is so true. Reiki doesn’t just heal, it cares, loves and protects. Being a huge animal lover I will present to you how you can help animals through this wonderful energy. I often see […] Read more

Universal Messages through Nature

Today as I prepared myself to write, I went outside for some fresh air and a bit of communion with my tree friend in my front lawn. I had been attending to some paperwork for most of the afternoon, which I find very tedious. I was feeling tense and my energy was ragged and raw. […] Read more


Animal Symbolism Handout

Animal Symbolism Handout For Reiki Class

Hello Friends. Below you will find a basic animal symbolism sheet that I like to give to both clients and Reiki students. When you start to enter the Reiki world you may find that the universe starts to communicate with you in a variety of new ways. One of the most routine ways is through […] Read more