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September 2012

Quick Tip: Reiki Alarm Clock

Here’s another inovative way to use Reiki: Alarm Clock! Instructions Repeat the name of the distance healing symbol thrice after drawing it mentally. First, say your name and then say – please wake me up at – the required time- feeling energetic and refreshed. Now, mentally draw the mental healing symbol and repeat the name […] Read more


Reiki and Health Benefits

We all have heard about that “Universal Life Energy” Reiki. It’s a famous practice that uses natural energy for healing physical ailments and resolving various difficulties in life. Dr. Mikao Usui played a great role in creating worldwide awareness about this unique healing technique. Reiki can not only bring stability in your life, but also […] Read more


An innovative way to use Reiki symbols for finding lost objects. Instructions: Write down the name or description of the lost object on a piece of white paper. Draw the distance treatment symbol on the paper once and repeat the name of the symbol thrice mentally. Repeat three times the name or description of the […] Read more