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Healing Chronic Conditions through Reiki

All of us have stories of “quick” healings with using Reiki. Usually, these immediate healings occur when Reiki is applied soon after a minor injury, or when the emotional issue is related to a current event. Typically, a client with a chronic condition does not experience an immediate healing. One hour of Reiki generally does […] Read more

Reiki in Hospitals

Article by Elizabeth Scala Being trained first and foremost as a Registered Nurse, it’s only natural that as I started learning about, training in and practicing Reiki- I wanted to bring it to my work in the hospital setting. However, many questions came to mind: Am I ready to practice Reiki with patients? Will Reiki […] Read more

cherry blossom

Article by Dr Anil Wijetunge Bsc, MBBS, FRCA After I qualified from University College London and Middlesex Medical School in 1988, I spent 12 years working as a junior doctor in both medical specialties and anaesthetics. In none of this time had I ever come across healers in the NHS even though I had worked […] Read more


Integrating Reiki into Healthcare

Reiki healing

Article by Angie Buxton-King  So what is Reiki / Healing? Every therapist will have their own interpretation of their therapy however I’m happy to share my simplistic view! “Healers have an understanding that we have a physical body surrounded by an energy field. When we become unwell physically, emotionally or mentally this has an unbalancing effect […] Read more


Understanding what are the emotional blockages that cause problem to body parts and the root base of diseases. Healing emotional baggage is the mantra to live healthy and happy life. The longer the emotional baggage is piled up, the severe the disease becomes. Diseases are the wake-up call for us to realize that enough is […] Read more

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