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A Job Interview: How I Was Introduced to Reiki

Article by: Saket Jain

In the month of February in 2012, I was going through some really tough times. I had been hunting for a job to match my talents and the scarcity of jobs at the level of pay I was searching for, were just not enough. Combined with that, a complete diminishing of my confidence after each successive unsuccessful job interview ensured that I would have a tough time in future interviews.

After one such interview, my mother, a firm believer in Reiki and who had been coaxing me since a long time to get a cleansing done, finally succeeded in getting me to her “operation table” as she calls it. She “cleaned” my “aura”. I was a skeptic back then, and it took her at least four “operations” to finally be satisfied with my “aura”.

Image by dbaron

I didn’t notice any change for a while. Life continued, and without my knowing it, optimism crept into my soul. It was after I had nailed a dream-job and my new employer told me about my positive outlook, that I realized just how much Reiki had helped me. Not only in job interviews did I do well, but I was equally happy with life in general. My mother had successfully made a believer of me.

Article by Saket Jain from India. Saket has been a Reiki beneficiary and a Reiki student for the past 8 months.

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