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Crystal Reiki for Treating Anxiety

Article by Thea van der Merwe

Many of my clients suffer from some level of anxiety, and even though it is often not the primary reason for seeking a healing session, their anxiety becomes quite noticeable during a therapeutic session. The Reiki treatment itself will more often than not alleviate their anxiety, but I have found increased benefit by incorporating a crystal healing grid into the Reiki space and Reiki healing session through the application of Crystal Reiki – Crystal Reiki is a highly beneficial healing treatment that sources the benefits of both Reiki and Crystal Healing.

As a Crystal Reiki Master, I find Crystal Reiki a more structured and formalized way of combining the energies of crystals and Reiki to facilitate greater healing. It is a way to harmonize and amplify the energetic contributions of both crystals and Reiki in a coherent way to achieve even greater therapeutic and healing results. When it comes to the treatment of anxiety, I have observed many positive results in the state and wellbeing of my clients’ body, mind and spirit.

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To assist in the healing of anxiety through Crystal Reiki, I have chosen the crystals and the grid layout being mindful of the desired vibrational healing benefit of such a crystal grid – the anxiety crystal layout that I use in this instance is the Seed of Life layout. The Seed of Life consists of seven overlapping circles with the six outer circles being associated with harmony, balance and truth. The Seed of Life layout is appropriate as it addresses the many aspects and imbalances associated with anxiety as it relates to the following:

  • Facilitating healing, energy balancing, and spiritual growth.
  • Helps us realize the harmony and balance of nature.
  • Healing and clearing away lower energies which are associated with anxiety.
  • Assists in identifying and healing past hurts and blockages tied to present obstacles which create feelings of anxiety.
  • Supports personal transformation to move from fear and stress into grace, serenity and calm.

The crystals used in the grid further support this healing intention and are as follows:

  • Centre Stone: A Clear Quartz pyramid for stability, solid foundation and as a universal healing stone of body, mind and spirit.
  • Surrounding Stones: Six natural Blue Kyanite stones for tranquility and emotional balance.
  • Intention Stones: Six Rose Quartz stones for gentle heart-based healing and unconditional love, particularly for self-love.
Cristal Reiki for Treating Anxiety Cristal Reiki for Treating Anxiety

To incorporate a crystal grid such as this into your Reiki healing session or space, you firstly, and most importantly, will need to set your intention, i.e. the purpose of the healing layout. This could include people, relationships and situations with a focus on harmony, physical health, cleansing, healing, growth, and any related aspects. In this instance I have specifically set the intention to assist my clients in coping with and alleviating their anxiety on all levels – body, mind and spirit.

The grid can be placed under your treatment table or near the treatment table. Before the start of your healing session and using your crystal grid, take a moment to connect with its energy to ensure the resonance feels right for the intention. If necessary, make any adjustments for improved resonance. There are no cut and dry rules for doing this and you would have to trust your intuition – you would have a clear sense that the energy is in fact flowing harmoniously from stone to stone and that the crystal grid is vibrationally aligned with the intention.

When commencing with a healing session, activate the grid with a Crystal Reiki activation. This would ideally comprise of a short Gassho meditation with the intention of activating the grid for the purpose it was set up for. Centre yourself in Gassho, draw the Reiki energy in through your Crown chakra and energetically connect with the crystal grid through your Palm chakras. Feel Reiki energy combine with that of the crystals and the crystal grid and allow this Crystal Reiki energy to radiate and beam through you. At this point you may even wish to incorporate Reiki symbols into the activation. With the Crystal Reiki activated, you can now proceed with a Reiki treatment using the Reiki hand positions and completing the healing session as you normally would.

Cristal Reiki for Treating Anxiety

There are many ways to incorporate crystals into a Crystal Reiki treatment, but due to the fact that so many clients consciously and subconsciously suffer from anxiety, I opted for the incorporation of a healing crystal grid into my Reiki healing space. I have included this crystal grid into my healing altar and it is a “permanent” feature that is activated when I open my Reiki healing space or medicine space to energetically affect the healing vibration of my Reiki room. Having set this up and activated it in my healing space, many clients remark on how peaceful and serene my healing room is. This allows for an anxiety-free session from the moment a client walks in and it has been highly beneficial in the value that clients gain from a seemingly “normal” Reiki treatment. Being able to energetically get a large portion of anxiety out of the way right from the get-go allows for an even more relaxed and effective Reiki treatment.

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Thea van der Merwe

Thea van der Merwe

Thea van der Merwe, Ph. D. is a nationally and internationally trained holistic energy, certified and experienced Master Reiki Practitioner, qualified in Usui Reiki, Reijukido, Karuna® Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki, Crystal Reiki, and Gendai Reiki. She obtained the title of Shihan (full master/teacher), the highest level in Gendai Reiki Ho. Besides her greatest passion which is Reiki, Thea is also a spiritual shaman, healer, and teacher, offering readings as a way of accessing spiritual guidance. Her journey of personal discovery, growth, and healing started back in 2005 when she was personally in need of healing and searching for something more than what conventional medicine and therapy could provide. Thea is currently nationally and internationally registered with the South African Reiki Masters Association and The Reiki Healing Association respectively – both professional associations for the local and global Reiki communities, working to promote the wide-reaching practice and healing effects of Reiki throughout the world and where the primary philosophy is that together, we can do so much more. You can get into contact with Thea van der Merwe at viterra.co.za, which is her website, and at facebook.com/viterrahealing on Facebook.

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