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Detailed Overview of Egyptian Reiki

Egyptian Reiki is most commonly known as Reyad Sekh Em. Rei is the universal life force and Sekh Em is the energy derived from the five elements namely earth, air, fire, ether (spirit) and water. This form of Reiki is designed specifically to heal deeply and bringing a balance on mental, emotional, physical or spiritual levels.

Egyptian Reiki is similar to Japanese Version and commonly being practiced today. It mainly focuses on draining off negativity and removing all symptoms of depression or deep-rooted pain. It is a highest vibration driven healing system, which was developed by Joanna Bristow Watkins. He traveled especially to Egypt several times and developed a unique Khemitian Approach.

Patients undergoing this treatment are advised to get five minutes consultation before taking the treatment and remove any kind of accessories, like jewelry, which might restrict the healing process. A person should wear only their clothes and avoid other things for a better treatment. The practitioner will place their hands on patient’s body at different angles for beginning the healing process. The hands will not touch the body for curing burns, cuts or bruises. This session might last for some minutes to 2 hours. A patient might get asleep during this time, but it is a positive way and indication for the body to heal itself.

Egyptian Reiki

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Egyptian Reiki is a sort of different from other Reiki healing types, as it only requires a single session for noticing the results. The ways of doing this kind of Reiki are similar to Japanese Reiki, but the only difference is that Egyptian Reiki focuses on healing a person spiritually, while others might not.

The people who have undergone Egyptian form of Reiki feel sensations of warming up or heated up, while others might not give the similar feeling. The patient might have extreme emotions revealed, but most of them will feel a sense of calmness and relaxation of mind. After the session gets over, the patient feels renewal zest for life, while some of them might also feel tired. The healing process takes a few days or maximum three weeks to show off the results. The patient is advised to drink lots of water and fluids and rest completely after the process gets over.

Egyptian form of Reiki is effective in treatment of chronic pains and gives energy, mental peace and physical stability to a patient. It is important to note that Reiki can’t be substituted with medical sciences. It can’t work all alone, but can assist medical sciences to get through the pains and troubles.

Reyad Sekh Em is completely safe for patients. The people who want to practice it can learn the processes to help the suffering patients. There are 5 levels for clearing this Reiki form and becoming Reiki Master. It doesn’t matter if a person has experience in other form of Reiki or not, as this will be taught at an even pace and nothing will be left behind for a newbie too.

This Reiki form accompanies three week inner-cleaning process. This phase demands a person to get rid of any issues in mind, eat organic and healthy food, drink ample of water, rest and exercise properly. It will ultimately prepare you for the next lesson and help you to get mastery in your Reiki knowledge. The extent of feeling cleaning during this process depicts the way a person has changed through Reiki. It has capacity to change you entirely and develop a different outlook in life. The true essence of Egyptian Reiki requires unconditional love and support to needy and developing mental peace in a person.

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