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Insomnia Healing through Akashic Records

Article by Neetu Jha

Hello Beautiful Souls!

Today I am going to share a beautiful case study on Insomnia Healing.

Most of us are blessed with sound sleep but some people really struggle to sleep even they try a lot to sleep. Due to dissatisfaction with their sleep they usually experience fatigue, low energy, difficulty in concentrating, mood disturbances, and decreased performance in work or at school.

What is the reason of Insomnia? Sometime the reason of Insomnia is heavy stress but most of the time the reason of Insomnia is unknown and people wonder why they don’t get sleep after so much of try.

The answer of this question can be found in your own record called Akashic Records.

Mostly the reason of Insomnia is Karmic and unbalance in Root chakra. You can use any healing modality to release the related karma and balance the Root chakra. However, the most loving method which I like most to heal anything is Akashic Records Healing.

Here is a case study to heal the insomnia of Mr. Singh.

Mr. Singh (changed name) approached me one day to heal his Insomnia.

To provide the healing I opened his Akashic Record in the presence of his spirit guide, angels, mother Kwan Yin and Lord Shiva and requested them to show me the reason of Insomnia. I clearly saw that in one of his previous birth he was a watchman who was keeping awake whole night. That is the reason his subconscious mind is programmed in such a way that he does not get sleep in night in this life as well.

I cleared his past life from the records and also balanced his Root chakra through his record. And requested his master, teachers and loved ones to heal his insomnia and provide him a sound sleep in this life.

I saw Lord Shiva and Mother Kwan Yin blessing his Akashic Records after healing.

That was clear indication for me that he is healed completely and in sometime he should see the changes.

Within two days of healing he started seeing the changes in him and within a week he was fully cured with insomnia.

Akashic Record is a unique way of healing and totally depends upon your intension and connection with Akasha. I suggest everyone to meditate for sometimes before opening any Akashic Record to have a clear vision of past lives. Protect yourself tightly before going to akasha as akashic healing is very much Karma prone and seeing anyone’s past lives can damage your Aura and Destiny.

Cut your cords with your client after the reading and clean your aura properly to see the amazing results.

Lots of Love and Akashic Blessings!

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Neetu Jha
Neetu Jha

Neetu Jha is an Usui Reiki Master & Teacher, Karmic Reiki healer and a gifted Akashic Record Reader. She has done Master’s in Aerospace Engineering (M.Tech) from I.I.T Kharagpur, India. She is working in a simulation software company. She is passionate about healing and wants to spread the awareness of Reiki healing throughout the world. She can be reached at pusvihealinghome@gma​il.com and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Divine-Akashic-Healing-1521357041493233/?fref=nf


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  • Usha Choudhary September 16, 2016, 5:20 am


  • Neetu September 26, 2016, 9:04 am

    Thank you Usha!

  • Ananya Sen November 4, 2016, 6:55 am

    Lovely and simple

    • neetu jha November 4, 2016, 10:12 am

      Thanks Ananya

  • anil September 13, 2017, 11:37 am

    Very nice…this was new to me….tried to heal some of my clients with stones healing (emithist) but could not find effective results. thanks a lot i will try this method now 🙂

    Can you please suggest me that how can a help someone in overcome frozen shoulder from last six month ?

  • Becky July 20, 2019, 1:00 pm

    I know nothing about Akashic records so would not have a clue how to do this. I have horrible insomnia. I am a Reiki master but do not practice regularly. Advice?

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