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A Beautiful Healing Experience of Connecting with Child’s Soul

Article by Charuta Rajadhyaksha

One of my tarot card reading client requested distant Reiki healing. Life had put her in turbulent times shaking every inch of her inner peace. She just wanted peace of mind.

I began by prayer and setting intention. I invoked presence of Archangel Michael, my guardian Angel, Reiki master Hawayo Takata, Swami Samartha (Indian ascended master).

I protected myself (body and aura) by visualizing violet color light around me.

I protected my client in the same way.

I requested her guardian angels to help me in this session and help her to receive Reiki.

I activated three symbols – Cho Ku Rei, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and Sei He Ki.

The moment I began drawing symbols with Third Eye I realised that they were getting drawn automatically in green color and crackers were bursting in the sky after completing every symbol. It felt awesome and sense of joy washed over me.

Then I requested Reiki energy to flow to my client for her highest good and heal her body, aura and mind.

Child Soul

Image by Pezibear

The very next moment I saw Archangel Michael standing next to her. But he was not alone. A little cute girl was holding his hand. That entire scene resembled with one of the card from Archangel Michael’s Oracle deck (by Doreen Virtue).

My conscious mind began questioning why am I seeing this image? Every time I see AA Michael alone. Who is this girl? Am I making this up?

Soon as I posed these questions in my mind this little girl answered promptly “she is my mommy”, pointing her tiny finger towards my client. I could clearly hear her distinct way of pronunciation …”mommy… mommy… she is my mommy”

Again my conscious mind questioned validity of this experience.

She repeated until I surrendered and acknowledged her voice. She also mentioned her name as ‘Aahana’

I said to her…”Ok Girl…Fine! Do you love you mother? She nodded. I said “ok then…Please send her love she needs peace” She obediently followed my instructions and started sending pink or red color heart shapes to my client’s heart chakra.

Then I saw Master Hawayo Takata giving Reiki to her Heart and Sacral chakra.

This session lasted for 45 min to 1 hour. Entire session was wonderful. Sense of peace washed over me. I knew my client was receiving Reiki very well. I closed the session by thanking all higher energies and specially thanking that little girl but my mind was wondering …as far as I know my client doesn’t have kid? Neither she ever mentioned any abortion/ miscarriage nor about her intention to have child? Is this a sign of upcoming pregnancy?

I was bit hesitant but I narrated entire experience to her and she broke out. She had to abort her child few years ago on account of medical complications. Although she had buried all those painful memories inside her yet some part of her was in grief.

I was speechless. All I could say to her was “That’s fine dear. Please release all grief. That little girl is with you and she loves you a lot. Keep connecting with her. She is happy and safe in the heaven.”

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Charuta Rajadhyaksha
Charuta Rajadhyaksha

After pursuing an MBA in finance and having worked at corporate sector for eight years, Charuta gave up her finance career to pursue her passion for spirituality and swimming as full time career. Former national level swimmer now working as coach in Mumbai. She was highly intuitive and psychic since childhood. She realised these gifts and entered the world of healing. She is a Tarot card reader, Teacher and Angel card reading practitioner. She practises Reiki, Violet Flame healing and Angelic healing. She is also cofounder of Urja holistic healing along with a few fellow founders. She can be reached at +91 9619 661 368, urjahealers@gmail.com or charuta.rajadhyaksha@gmail.com, Charuta’s blog – Mind power – http://mindpower-charuta.blogspot.com/ and on Facebook at Urja Holistic Healing Group.

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  • Jaya February 8, 2017, 5:23 am

    beautiful experience Charuta. Can I also request a paid distant healing session by you. pls let me know. thanks

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