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Detox Your Life & Co-create your Healing Journey

Article by Isabella Dove, Reiki Master

Healing is in great demand and natural healing can be your best bet to start up or deepen your healing journey. To prune one’s life from unwanted experiences both at physical, emotional and spiritual levels will give a good fresh and healthier look inside out. How can Reiki help you on this journey? The journey will include changing mindset to attract different realities, but also radically eradicate the causes of beliefs patterns. It takes a bit of courage, it is however possible and certainly for the better ! As we know haling takes a bit of time too and “’quick-detox-schemes’ usually only are a mere physical experience. From a healing perspective doubled with intention to co-create a new healthier life, detoxification requires the combination of the body and mind essential law of connection. To weed out real causes of the intake of toxins. It may be a long journey. Accept it, as hardly anything in life works on a quick-scheme anyway! Universal co-creation is about contributing to co-create a better world from the self to collective interventions. Detox your life, detox the world through Reiki, what a programme!

Healing is a physical experience and more so for detoxification. Healing is also a journey into the psycho-physiological connection between the body and the mind which in turns become a co-creative force of harmonization between inner and outer peace. More than ever before, the ultimate guide to live peacefully in the outer world is to find peace in the inner world of the Self.

Stress, tensions, negative emotions are detrimental on the body and the mind connection. Moreover, studies show how this negative balance affects the energetic field of the Earth and as such the Universe. At the individual level stress translates into blockages of chakras, clutters organs, blocks intuitive activity for the brain and changes the bio-energy system by generating various types of inhibitions. Harmony on the other hand, is a state of being which facilitates, opens up, clears up, and stretches the limits of intuition, creativity and other functions of the brain and the mind. It lightens up the bio-energy system and clears the way for a healthier vibrational state.

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There are two main physical filters in the human body: the liver and the kidneys. Stress, negative emotions, un-balanced food intake, chemicals, heavy metals and the same, all enter our body and locate themselves firstly in the liver. The liver stores information like a memory chip, it will remember anger, drinks, the quality of food, and the air you breath. After a while it will give signs of un-balance. The kidneys are at the end of the chain and will get the remaining stuff. The main block is still in the liver, which for healers and in Traditional Chinese Medicine is the main organ of the body after the heart. Hence the need to look at the liver for a complete detox programme which by all means must include a body-mind intention to clear out patterns of behaviors. The mind is the main messenger of intention, good thought and positive attitude! Most Reiki manuals tend not to focus on the metaphysical meaning of organs and hand positions when these actually represent the main block of knowledge required for setting up a good practice pattern. Have you ever felt that after a Reiki treatment or more so after a Reiki course you start to observe your life and your habits with different eyes? This is the starting point for a good detox journey.

Connect with the Here and Now. Drop Fears and Worries

The Liver stores fears and worries. Fear is absolutely unnecessary and can be counter-productive., creates low vibrational frequencies, generating a negative cycle of reaction. Worries are an expanded version of fears and un-necessary too. Use your Reiki treatment or practice to connect to the here and now and engage into a calm and alert attitude towards the here and now and give your liver a good healthy shower;

Awaken in the Now – Drop the Ego Here and Now

The liver stores contractions and stories we tell ourselves. Review yourself through the lens of how you tend to prioritise yourself in your actions and words. Engage in meditative practice. In the silence of stillness there are answers to some of deep questioning. Accept to let go and release control. Positive thoughts are hundreds times more powerful than negative thoughts. Use your Reiki treatment or practice to un-learn and learn new ways of looking at yourself. Accept to engage in healing and let the body tell its story and give your liver a good holiday break!

Develop the Inner Power of Intuition. Drop Limitations Here and Now

The liver knows it all. Clean the books and accept to be a beginner. Decide to engage in meditation, yoga, stretching exercises, daily relaxation exercises and ponder about the here and now. Drop worries and expand your inner potential. Use a Reiki treatment or your practice to stop by and feel the healing wave around you at any time. Become intuitive of your healing status and give your liver a good de-clutter clean-up. Meditation develops an active, alerted and focused attentive state of mindfulness and alertness and regular practice fosters the development of a capacity to influence the energy field. In other words, meditation is a way to jumpstart the stretching of sensory abilities. The first one is intuition. Living with a sharper intuition progressively builds up capacity to listen to the centers of the chakras. As the brain is an electrical engineer requiring some rest to remain efficient, meditation is an exercise that slows down the brainwave activity from Beta frequencies [active state] to Alpha [relaxed] in some cases to Theta [light sleep]. The ultimate Delta brainwave is achieved during deep dreamless sleep. This is also the ideal state of healing for the body. Theta frequencies are said to open the doorway to the subconscious and as such practicing meditation regularly is not only a de-stressing experience but also a re-formatting tool to awaken to a new being by allowing the entrance by the brain’s internal engineering’s in a state of pure consciousness. It is in this state that the bio-energy system can deeply influence change.

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Clear Emotions, Open the Consciousness. Drop Attachments Here and Now.

The liver needs help from the mind to weed away un-necessary mental clutter. When the mind is freed from the ego, the void left can be filled with pure consciousness with new senses, new vision, new hearing. Listen to new frequencies; feel that energy in the palm of your hands, let it talk to you and bring light and information to you. Let it manifest a fruit, or a project. Accept there are new horizons to discover and the wheel of life is a never ending adventure of scaling up our potentialities and capabilities. Have a Reiki treatment with the intention of starting something new, groundbreaking or simply to be kind with yourself to have a good healthy meal and give your liver a fresh kick! Investigate emotions, distill them, clear the responsibilities, watch them from the outside and give it a name: i.e. anger, frustration, fear, worry. Speak it out. Use the best channel for expressing them write it down and then burn it away. With sage. Then go out and celebrate make offerings in various ways, be thankful and smile. It sounds very simplistic but it works actually very well. Let go of attachments as they bring along conditionality and restrictive forces. Practice detachment and learn the value of freedom, humility and the power of unconditional love.

Gratitude and Compassion the Ultimate Guides to Harmony

The liver stores anger. Start practicing gratitude and compassion in a deep authentic way. Gratitude is the ultimate thanking experience, it is heartfelt. The ability to develop gratitude in troubled times is important. Stop judgment. Gratitude is an offering to life. It is a seed of peace; an offering to oneness, to the source of life, to the heart of life, the source where all humans originate from. Gratitude and compassion are powerful tools to send good vibrations to the bio-energy system of our body which in turn will physically facilitate the connection of all the connectors within the meridians of the body, give a good stretch to the liver and bring new oxygen into the cellular body! Use your Reiki treatment or practice to become intentional about being grateful and compassionate and observe changes instantly!

Broaden your Life’s Goals. Become an Unconditional Transmitter

The liver needs to breath also and wants space. Expand your choices, expand your life, expand your health. Drop opinions, drop judgment, drop taking people or situations for granted, drop your ego. Look at how you can contribute to the community of people around you. Talk to someone you never talked before. Align yourself with the higher possible vibrations and enhance your life experience. Go with the flow, open the chakras. Listen to the voice inside and use your Reiki treatment or practice to start giving and receiving in a new way. Accept to be powerful of love! Engage in something new, a community project, give something to a stranger, make a donation, make someone happy unconditionally, smile. Do something new that can help people around. One way of doing this is by exploring new ways to engage into something, an interest, a forgotten dream a compassionate intervention. Something that makes other people feel good. In other words attract newness in Life.

Having the intention to heal is in itself a regenerative force creating an instant kicking of a healing process. Detoxification is important at any point in life and it starts from within. From the very source of the bio-energy system that kicks our vital force. Accept that not knowing everything about everything is fine, as is the fact of succeeding not to control surroundings, people, pets, things and thoughts… Let things come in your direction by changing the way you create them. You will discover so many new things you usually can’t see because being too busy in repetitive patterns. Enable change to come your way. Go with the flow and do not block what is coming. Being co-creator of your healing process makes you enter a permanent state of energetic regeneration. Use Reiki as a regenerative subtle yet powerful force of change inside out and give your liver a good Zen attitude and manifest this expanded version of you that will make you confident about the infinite potential of creation.

Isabella Dove

Isabella Dove

Isabella Dove founded Healing Mudras a small studio acting as a hub for holistic artists and healing arts in Vientiane, Lao PDR. She practices Reiki since 1999, lived in 15 countries over 4 continents and brought Reiki as an ally to experiences several realities. After becoming a Usui Reiki Master Teacher in 2008 she travelled to Hawai’i and studied directly with William Rand, Founder & Director of the International Center for Reiki Training (US) and trained as Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher in 2010. This was a breakthrough and a further leap in the practice as Karuna® Reiki brings a firmer alignment and synchronicity with grounding bodhisattva energies. Isabella is a Certified Personal Integral Coach and teaches Reiki, Yin Yoga and DancEnergetics. Visit Healing Mudras at http://thehealingmudras.blogspot.com or http://www.linkedin.com/in/healingmudras

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    Simply awesome …2 good…6 healing sounds taoism is one of d tool can b explored…it works wel for me

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