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Reiki Babies and Archangels – Part 3

Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master

The first two articles in this series (Reiki Babies and Archangels – Part 1 and Reiki Babies and Archangels – Part 2) discussed the concept of Conscious Conception, Reiki Babies and the role of the Archangels in the journey towards conception. The focus of this article is on child adoption and the role Reiki and the Archangels can play in the case of adopted children.

Conscious Adoption

Children are usually adopted by couples who do not have biological children. Adoption is often viewed as a last resort and something that is done when all methods to have a biological child fail. Once the child comes home, the force of love takes over and the new parents often forget that the child is not a biological one. That is the power of love. The adoption of a child can be a divine experience when a child is adopted consciously rather than as a last resort.

Just as in conscious conception, the focus in the case of adoption must be on the child and not on the parents. An adopted child must never be viewed as a replacement for a biological child; as someone who is brought in to fill the emptiness in the life of couples. A child is a child. Every child is precious, irrespective of whether he is biological or adopted. A client of mine who recently adopted a baby shared this inspiring quote which sums up the beauty of adoption:

“Adoption means you grew in your mommy’s heart instead of her tummy”- Author Unknown.

Conscious adoption happens when:

  •  The parents desire to share unconditional parental love with a soul that does not share their biology. This requires the heart chakra to be completely open.
  •  The parents choose to take responsibility for a soul that has no contact with its birth family and thereby help that soul fulfil its Earthly purpose. This is not done with a sense of Ego, where one feels he is great because he is caring for someone with no family. Instead, it is done with a sense of gratitude towards life for being blessed with a beautiful opportunity to love and parent.

Who Must Adopt?

Adoption is not just for couples who do not have biological children. It can even be considered by those that have biological children already. As stated earlier, adoption is not a replacement strategy. It is another beautiful way to build a family. However, one must be able to answer all these questions with a ‘Yes’ before making the decision to adopt:

  •  Can you love a child not born to you as your own?
  •  If you have biological children already, can you bridge biological differences and allow only the power of love to reign in your family? Can you view all your children as one?
  •  If you do not have biological children, can you view this child with fresh eyes? Can you view him or her as your precious little baby and never as a replacement for the biological child you do not have.

Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Metatron and Reiki

If you feel a calling to adopt or you have clients that are looking at adoption, you can call upon Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Metatron. In most countries, the adoption of a child is a long journey that involves legalities and paperwork. It is often difficult for prospective parents to find children that can be adopted. But as always, when you hold a crystal clear intention enveloped in love, the Universe opens up magical new avenues and you will be led to the child that is perfect for you and your family.

If you wish to adopt because you do not have biological children, do make sure that you first heal any residual pain you may have. If you have clients who wish to adopt, help them heal all traces of old pain first and then support them on their journey towards adoption. Help them understand that when a child is adopted, it must be received with an open heart. You do not want old pain over the absence of a biological child to come in the way of bonding with a new child.

Adopted child

Image by cherylholt

Conscious Adoption Meditation with Reiki, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Metatron

You can use this mediation to guide clients who are looking at adopting a child and also use it yourself if need be:

  1.  Light a pink candle in a clean, quiet space.
  2.  Burn some incense and play soothing music.
  3.  Take a few deep breaths and relax.
  4.  Call on Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Metatron. Visualise them seated beside you.
  5.  Talk to them. Tell them of your desire to adopt a child. Share your fears with them and ask them to help you heal.
  6.  Request them to help you open your heart to the child that is best suited to you and your family.
  7.  Lie down and visualise the archangels placing their hands over your heart and blessing you.
  8.  Feel the love flowing from your heart. Request the archangels to carry your invitation of love to the soul that would benefit most by having you and your partner as parents.
  9.  Visualise the archangels flying away with your message of love.
  10.  After a while, visualise the archangels coming back to you with the baby or child that is perfect for you and your family.
  11.  Receive the child with gratitude and embrace him or her.
  12.  Visualise your entire family standing together- you, your partner and biological children (if any). Place this child among all of you and feel the joy overflowing from your heart. If you have biological children, see them embracing this child. Enjoy the bonding of the new siblings. What a beautiful moment it is!
  13.  If this is your first child, welcome him or her with love. Feel the joy of parental love flowing from your heart.
  14.  Feel the power of love overcoming biological barriers. A beautiful new family is formed.
  15.  Finally, request Reiki to form a cocoon of energy around this image. Draw the power symbol and Master Symbol on the cocoon and seal the energy.
  16.  Give thanks to Reiki and the Archangels for their assistance.
  17.  Proceed with practical steps towards adoption and completely let go of the outcome. Allow the Universe to bring you the perfect child at the perfect time!

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Haripriya Suraj
Haripriya Suraj

Haripriya Suraj is a Reiki Master, Angel Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. She was drawn to Reiki right from her childhood and Reiki went on to become part of her life’s purpose. Reiki is her constant companion from which she derives peace and contentment. She is also deeply connected with the angels, with Angel Healing being an integral part of her Reiki practice. After reaping the fruits of Reiki practice in her life, she was inspired to spread the joy of Reiki and the light of the Angels. Haripriya offers courses in Reiki and Angel Healing as well as distance healing services. She resides in Bangalore, India. Reach Haripriya on her blog at lightworkersonearth.com, on email at angelhealingbangalore@gmail.com and on Facebook at Angel Light.

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  • Kimberly K L March 12, 2015, 12:23 pm

    As someone who was adopted, I did enjoy reading about all of the love involved. Children are special. It is wonderful when adults acknowledge this whether adopted or not. Thank you for the reminder of important love!

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