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Protect Yourself From Spirits That Suck Your Energy

When you are in the healing field, it is regular for you to get in touch with spirits or vice-versa. While spirits do connect to us in our regular healing/Reiki sessions, it is inevitable to be not in touch with spirits. But, how will you figure out that the spirits are helping you? At times, […] Read more

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Open Yourself to Joy

Open Yourself to Joy

Much of the time, those of us who see ourselves as healers or people on a spiritual path begin to take life very seriously. Life can be pretty serious, for sure. But that isn’t all there is to life and it really isn’t as serious as we tend to make it. When we get on […] Read more


How many of us have had the experience of absurd things happening in our lives after a Reiki attunement? The 21 days cleansing is a chaotic crazy time for most of us. While it gets rid of unwanted stuff from our lives, it also brings in gifts that are so needed to become a good […] Read more

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