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Loving Kindness Reiki with Four-Armed Chenrezig

Chenrezig is the Buddhist Deity of Compassion. The Loving Kindness Meditation (Metta) is a practice that helps us to expand our loving kindness to ourselves and others. In this meditation, I use Chenrezig as a conduit for Reiki to help you develop loving kindness towards yourself. Happiness The top right hand sends out Reiki in […] Read more

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Blessed Bucks

Blessed Bucks

The concept of ‘Blessed Bucks’ was originated from the belief that whatever you do, returns to you ten folds. The ‘Blessed Bucks’ concept was originated as money spell in 1989. How to prepare Blessed Bucks: Take a dollar bill or any bill of your currency. Bless the money by writing May you be blessed with […] Read more

Safety & Protection with Archangel Michael

There are times when all of us experience feelings of being unsafe. In such moments, we allow our thoughts to rein over us and create monsters that scare the hell out of us. These monsters are usually of our own making but it is hard to see this truth when gripped by fear. Feelings of […] Read more


Q&A: Is Reiki Safe?

One of the “doubts” related to Reiki, especially non-practitioners, is whether it is “safe”. Is Reiki safe? The short answer is: Yes! The longer answer is that Reiki works for the highest good of all involved parties, and it can never cause any harm. Reiki can be used by anyone, and for anyone (should they […] Read more

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