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My “Dream” for Reiki

My Dream for Reiki

Following the publication of my book “Olá Eu Sou o Reiki” (Hello! I Am the Reiki), I was interviewed by the Portuguese Reiki Association Monte Kurama and one of the questions was “Which is your dream for Reiki?”. Here below you have my answer, which I developed a little bit more for this article although […] Read more

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Reiki: Everybody is Doing It!

Reiki: Everybody is Doing It!

Reiki Masters tirelessly educate on the benefits of Reiki for those who would like a complementary and non-invasive therapy. It is becoming apparent that these efforts are finally paying off as more people around the world are beginning to pursue Reiki treatments for themselves, their pets, and their environments. Famous Health Expert, Dr. Oz, heartily […] Read more