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Reiki in Hospitals

Article by Elizabeth Scala Being trained first and foremost as a Registered Nurse, it’s only natural that as I started learning about, training in and practicing Reiki- I wanted to bring it to my work in the hospital setting. However, many questions came to mind: Am I ready to practice Reiki with patients? Will Reiki […] Read more


Reiki as Preventative Medicine

Reiki is excellent to use as a healing method for illness and injury. It helps heal mental and emotional wounds and promotes deep inner peace. It can deepen our spirituality, regardless of our religious affiliation. It helps to create balance in our lives and smooth out the rough spots. However, Reiki is often neglected as […] Read more


Although healing is the goal of both, Reiki and standard medicine have different methods and processes. The best way to go is with both, as Reiki practitioner is a perfect companion to an experienced and skilled medical doctor. Here are a few differences between Reiki healing and standard medicine healing. 1. Level of action Standard […] Read more


The Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing (at Central Maine Medical Center) is going to provide free Reiki sessions to cancer survivors and caregivers, as part of its Integrative Medicine Services. Read the full story on the Dempsey Center website. More and more hospitals in US and all over the world are integrating Reiki […] Read more