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kundalini reiki

Why Are There So Many Kinds of Reiki

Take a few minutes, and google how many kinds of Reiki there are, and you may be quite surprised. On a recent search, some of the types named were: Usui, Tibetan, Karuna®, Rainbow, Gendai, Five Element Seichem, Tummo, Kundalini, Shamballa, Imara, Tummo, Dragon, Angelic, and Sacred Flame. And, there are many more. Rather than feel […] Read more


Kundalini Reiki deals mainly with the concepts of spiritual healing. It is a basic and most effective form of Reiki and evolves the use of easy and simple structures practiced by people. People having interest into learning spiritual healing like to get evolved into Kundalini Reiki as it is easier than practicing the original or […] Read more


Kundalini Reiki

Editor’s note: Check out our more recent article on Kundalini Reiki here. Kundalini Reiki is very simple and aims at opening up energy within your body to channelize it for healing purposes. It collaborate the elements of conventional Reiki form and includes Yoga beliefs. The purpose behind Kundalini Reiki is to reach highest spiritual level, […] Read more

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Kundalini Reiki means that certain healing channels and chakras have been opened, and you have gained access to the Earth’s energy. Kundalini Reiki energy is regarded as coming into the root chakra, the energy center located near the coccyx.  Kundalini Reiki energy is also referred to as the Kundalini Fire. It can run all the […] Read more