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IMPORTANT NOTE: The recommendations outlined in this series in no way replace your Primary Care Provider’s instructions and health care regimen in treating diabetes mellitus. Diabetes is a serious metabolic condition that requires professional assistance and treatment. Diabetes Mellitus needs to be managed effectively and professionally in conjunction with an experienced health care provider. Please […] Read more


Reiki and Crystals

The ways to use crystals and gemstones in combination with Reiki may be as varied as the number of Reiki practitioners there are in the world today. Some prefer not to use crystals at all, either feeling no affinity with them or fearing that it will cause issues in their practice with those who do […] Read more


There are many people who use crystal therapy with Reiki – the two complement and enhance each other’s effects very well. Each gemstone is different in the effect it has on a person. They symbolize beauty and power and possess energetic waves, vibrating each on different frequency – and they can get influenced by the […] Read more