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Chronic Depression and Healing with Reiki and Art Therapy

The most common belief when it comes to depression is that if we’re sad all the time, we’re depressed, or if we prefer being alone and feel like crying most of the time, we’re depressed as well. But that’s more or less not right. Depression is that feeling of wanting everything to end, even if […] Read more

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and Reiki

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) is a condition different than premenstrual symptoms. Web MD shares these symptoms of PMDD. “The symptoms of PMDD usually show up the week before you start your period and last until a few days after it begins. Most of the time they are severe and debilitating, and they can keep you […] Read more


Good-Bye, Fatigue!

Reiki Fatigue

Busy days, busy evenings – it seems our lives continue to get busier and busier. Although we are told all our new technologies will make our lives easier, a new level of constant communication is creating ongoing bombardments of noise and expectations. Some workplaces expect employees to check their emails and voicemails all evening long […] Read more


When we use the term side effects, we refer to a phenomenon that is not very pleasant. Many medicinal drugs and conventional treatments are known to have side effects. Though unpleasant, these side effects cannot be avoided and are accepted as part of treatment. What about Reiki? Being a natural method of healing, does it […] Read more


Reiki refers to the popular stress reduction technique as well as relaxation method that originated from Japan. Reiki literally means “God’s wisdom” and “life force energy” because the process of Reiki is more of a spiritual healing process. In other words, it means relying on a higher power to acquire higher life force energy to […] Read more

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