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Communicating as We Grow Spiritually

When we begin our path to spiritual growth and healing, it can be a very exciting time for us. New understandings may fill us regularly and we may see the world expanding before our eyes in ways we never imagined. Our whole lives change as our perception changes. Often, at least in the beginning, that […] Read more


A Case Study with Equine Reiki

I first met Barron by chance (or so I thought) at a neighbor’s house last year. He was a beautiful, young, spirited Arabian full of life but with a crazed look in his eye. He had so many strange personality quirks that the neighborhood was split as to whether he would live his life peacefully […] Read more


How many of us have had the experience of absurd things happening in our lives after a Reiki attunement? The 21 days cleansing is a chaotic crazy time for most of us. While it gets rid of unwanted stuff from our lives, it also brings in gifts that are so needed to become a good […] Read more