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Being vs. Doing Reiki

Being vs. Doing Reiki

From Usui Reiki, the end goal is not to be giving or doing Reiki, it’s to simply BE Reiki. As Reiki is the infinite source of life/love found within every living being, there is no reason to think you need to start giving Reiki, because you ARE Reiki. If you weren’t Reiki you’d be dead. […] Read more


Reiki and the Act of Praying

Praying with Reiki

Prayer has always been an important part of my life. Since being trained in all levels of Usui Reiki, I have included prayer in my practice. After doing so for a period of time, I found that I wanted to create “My Reiki Prayer.” I wanted my prayerful practice to incorporate my Reiki beliefs as […] Read more


Maternal Womb Meditation

Maternal Womb Meditation

October 19th was my mother’s birthday and on the 20th we celebrated Mother’s Day in my country. She was my first energy teacher, without knowing it, her or me. Although she is now cosmic energy, she continues teaching me throughout dimensions and time. In a way to honor her existence, I want to share with […] Read more

A Brief History of Usui Reiki

Much of the true history of Usui Reiki is still unknown in the West. It was passed down without written documentation in an effort of preserve the sacredness of the practice. There are many versions of the history of Reiki available online and in books. First, I’m going to tell you a little bit about […] Read more

Explosive Reiki

Article by Abdolghani Abdollahimohammad Many clients have blockages in their chakras that are not easily removed in one healing session and using one modality. I have used explosive Reiki to save time and to achieve the healing purposes fast. Explosion is a familiar word, which reminds us of negative and debilitating effects of bomb bursting or […] Read more

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