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Smudging To Cleanse Energy

White Sage

Smudging is an ancient technique used by many cultures to purify and bless the energy of people and their spaces. In the West, it is most often associated with the many Native America tribes, but many cultures around the world have the custom of burning herbs or incense for these same purposes. Many places of […] Read more


We recently asked on Facebook what smudging flavor our readers prefer. We were surprised to find out that one flavor is way more popular than all the others. And that is: the white sage. Roughly 51% of the practitioners expressed their preference for the white sage. This is followed, at a great distance, by the […] Read more


Reiki and Smudging: Part II

The explanation of process of smudging is well described in the previous article (Part I). There are many forms for following smudging technique. At times, the herbs are tied in a bundle (called Smudge Stick) and dried. These herbs can be used for different purposes and there are various ways of treatment. In general, candles […] Read more


Reiki and Smudging: Part I

Smudging is a cleansing process of mind and inner body, which associates with healing practices introduced by Native Americans. It can help in healing negativity of emotions within us and other associated tasks. Reiki masters define smudging as a modern way of making use of vibrations of smelling to channelize the energy. Smudging works in […] Read more

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