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shamanic reiki

Introduction to Shamanic Reiki

Article By Bob Lacey, RMT Reiki being well known, flexible and adaptable makes it an ideal healing platform for Shamanism. Most readers here already realize that Reiki is a form of energy healing that works outside of time and space. Since everything is really oscillating energy (from Shamanism), Reiki treatments can be given in ways […] Read more

Add a Touch of Shamanic Reiki to Your Practice

Shamanic Reiki is Reiki with a deep connection to nature, the elements, and spirit. Using a process called “journeying” the healer can access helping spirits who answer questions to provide insight into medical, physical or spiritual problems. A journey is meditative practice where the practitioner can visit spirit guides, ancestors and power animals to bring […] Read more


There are similarities in different forms of shamanism, including a belief that shamans can control or cooperate with spirits for benefits of others. The existing spirits can be good and bad, and shamans can treat illness in a right way. Shamans can be seen as priests communicating with world of spirits and living world as […] Read more

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