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Gaining Insights through Reiki

Gaining Insights through Reiki

Are there times when you feel stuck in your life? Would you love to understand the reasons you do the things you do, or feel the emotions you feel? Do you feel unhappy or frustrated with where you are in your career, or your love relationship? If so, Reiki can be a help to you. […] Read more

Why Combining Reiki and EFT Was My Best Decision?

Hello Guys! I am back with my latest article, which is my own case study and I combined two healing techniques and it took me exactly 30 days to resolve the situation. It is good to be your own worst critique, but it went to an extreme last year after an incident took place. I […] Read more


Miracle Magick

Miracle Magick

I love working with a combination of all the different modalities during the healing sessions that I take. This article is about a healing session done for a child who had a major health issue related to her kidney. The steroids given to her were affecting her even more. Her immunity power had gone down […] Read more

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Crystals and the Lower Chakra System

In the practice of Reiki, practitioners may work with crystals to help bring the chakra system of the body into balance by absorbing the energy of each chakra and transmuting it to bring the chakras back to their natural vibratory state. When conducting a Reiki session, during the Byosen scanning portion of the session, I […] Read more


Reiki to the Rescue

Reiki To The Rescue

So you have just learned Reiki and have learned about the main basic symbols. You have used them in Reiki sessions but did you know they can be used in so many more ways? Reiki always has your back and can improve any situation. One of my absolute favorite things to do is to send […] Read more