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Sei He Ki and Weight Management

Sei He Ki and Weight Management

Sei He Ki is the emotional or mental symbol and it is very important for any healing. It is taught in level 2 in the traditional way which means “God and Man become one”. This symbol brings brain or soul together with body. As we know, weight management is one of the biggest issues in […] Read more


Reiki Can End Addictions

Reiki Can End Addictions

The newest addiction to hit my country is the opioid addiction. Day after day, hospital emergency rooms and county morgues are filled with people who have succumbed to its terrible effects. The misuse of these drugs affects my everyday work life too. In our hospice work, many of our patients are prescribed these same opioids […] Read more


Various Ways to Use Sei He Ki

Various Ways to Use Sei He Ki

Sei He Ki is known as emotional/mental symbol due to its abilities to heal emotional and mental issues from deep within. Along with HSZSN, it can reach the root of the cause and start healing it. Most illness originates from mind and emotions so healing with SHK may prevent the illness from manifesting in the […] Read more


Reiki and Tarot


All of you must be wondering on the heading that what tarot has got to do with Reiki, as both are completely different topics. Absolutely true that they are different topics but Reiki can help you in protecting yourself from negative energy vibes of a tarot session and also gives you energy to sit for […] Read more


Healing Enviousness


I am inspired to write especially on this topic because I saw many people cannot help themselves due to enviousness inside and as a Reiki healer we wish to heal everybody without being partial. Another thing about enviousness, it is a sinister feeling and creates blockages inside all the chakras especially in Heart and Root […] Read more

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