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Healing with Star Anise

Star Anise

Article by Vedant Vikrom Borah Hello fellows Reiki Channels, this is my first article on Reiki Rays the first of the series “Healing with…” wherein I did like to explore the healing properties of herbs and spices that is commonly found in the market or your kitchen garden. There is a plethora of information related to […] Read more

Utilizing the Elements to Enhance Your Reiki Practice

Utilizing specific frequencies of Life Force Energy found in natural elements can grant measurable enhancements to the practice of Reiki. For instance, many practitioners are already aware of working with the specialized energy of a variety of crystals as a method to enhance their practice. While crystal work is deeply effective, it is simply one […] Read more


New Moon Reiki Meditation

New Moon Reiki Meditation

A new moon marks the start of the next moon cycle, signifying death and rebirth. This is a great time for setting intentions. You can sit out in the open if it is possible, or in a sacred space that you have created at home.  Begin by taking a few deep breaths. Every time you […] Read more


Dear Reiki friends, here’s an interesting parallel. Getting attuned to Reiki is like planting a seed. There is an immense growth potential from the seed. A big tree could grow, bearing many good fruits for our benefit. But, the seed is not the tree. In order for the seed to become the fruit bearing tree, […] Read more