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Practicing Jaki Kiri Joka Ho

Practicing Jaki Kiri Joka Ho

It is one of the Japanese Reiki techniques of energetically cleansing of unwanted energies which should be performed ONLY on non- living things. The meaning of the term: Jaki means negative energy, unwanted, unfavorable, unhealthy energy Kiri to cut Joka means cleansing or purifying Ho means technique Precautions: It should only be done on non- […] Read more


Healing Broken Hearts

Healing broken hearts Reiki Rays

Recently, a couple of my friends had broken relationships. They were pained as those crowded memories of togetherness were heart-wrenching to them and they were still grieving for their loved ones. Being Reiki channels, I suggested them this below Reiki technique which they found quite effective in healing their wounds. Steps are as follows: 1. […] Read more

The Bridge of Light Technique

This is a very simple Reiki technique consisting in the creation of a Bridge of Light connecting the sender to the receiver. Perform the Kenyoku. Draw HSZSN and SHK symbols and activate them. Express (and visualize) the intention that a Bridge of Light manifests, connecting you to someone or to a given place. Draw and […] Read more