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reiki hands

Reiki in Your Hands

Reiki Hands

Article by Dr Karen Janes I received my first Reiki attunement over fifteen years ago. Since then I have no idea how many hundreds, or possibly thousands, of hours I have spent with my hands cupped over mine or someone else’s body letting that wonderful healing energy flow through them. Even with all that experience, […] Read more


Do you have Reiki hands? In other words, reiki hands can channelize the universal life force energy given them from a Reiki Attunement. Reiki hands are a simple but highly effective form of hands on healing therapy, with an energy modality. Reiki is a holistic helping therapy that can work wonders on you and others. […] Read more


Although Reiki appears ‘mystical’ to some, it’s actually not that complex.  Reiki is about utilizing what we all have, but aren’t aware of or even use. You may have doubts about Reiki, and that is fine for a beginner.  However, it is worth trials anyway.  It won’t hurt you, and you might get surprised by […] Read more

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