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The Professional Reiki Session – A New Perspective

When I first began practicing Reiki, I was very careful to “go by the book”, as do many new Reiki practitioners. I took care to complete all the hand positions, always in the precise order I had learned them, and felt uncomfortable deviating from the prescribed procedure. I frequently referred to my manual to reassure […] Read more

Self Reiki with an Art Journal

One way that I like to use Reiki, is by using it as a guide to bring forth inner thoughts, subconscious concerns, or as a tool for some color therapy. sketches, doodles, drawings, images, or splashes of color. To practice this, I would recommend that you have a blank piece of paper and a selection […] Read more

Are You Ready for Reiki Master Training?

Master level Reiki training encompasses all important stepping stones to personal growth and transformation. In a Reiki Master course you will be attuned to the highest level of Reiki energy and given access to the ancient and powerful master symbols. You will learn the process of passing attunements to others, initiating them into their personal […] Read more

Animal Reiki - Healing Insights

Reiki with animals will work in much the same way as Reiki with people. It is the animal’s interpretation, or experience, of receiving the energy that sets Animal Reiki apart from People Reiki. And by this, I mean the body-mind-spirit’s autonomic interpretation of the energy being received. Most animals, most of the time, will operate […] Read more

Nervous about Something? Reiki Has You Covered!

Do you have an event that is bothering you? Maybe something coming up is making you nervous? Perhaps you are nervous about a job interview, an upcoming medical appointment, a test score, a special date or an important meeting? Reiki can help you to gently detach from any situation and give you the peace of […] Read more

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