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We asked and you answered! Reiki Tips from our Readers. Over the years, we’ve seen your amazing article comments full of insights and useful tips! We are honored to have such a great Reiki community. That’s why we’ve decided to strengthen it by sharing your unique contribution among thousands of readers all around the globe. […] Read more


Heal Your Life with Halu

Heal your Life with Halu

2017 is the first of a new cycle of nine years. It is now that we lay the foundation for our future, consciously or not. Same as plants, our greatest vision, bold ideas, and courageous plans need a fertile soil to root and flourish. The soil needs to be free of weeds and harmful insects. […] Read more


The Protective Powers of Reiki

The Protective Powers of Reiki

A common question I have received as a Reiki Master is whether I have ever absorbed “negative” energies released from clients’ bodies during a Reiki session. Several energy healing facilitators have told me stories of times they have felt ill, or overcome with sad or angry feelings, during their work with clients. Although I have […] Read more


Other Applications of Energy

Other Applications of Energy

The utilization of Energy in our daily routine may present some unexpected aspects. Energy is all over, as everything that exists is energy, in its infinite forms and presentations. We are not alone, we are surrounded by those who have passed to the other side and by fairies, elves, gnomes and elemental beings. As a rule […] Read more


Healing with Cinnamon


So it has been a while since I wrote in the “Healing with Herbs/Spices” series. How are you all doing? Have you included Star Anise, Basil or Bay Leaf in your rituals or healing? Like it has been said earlier that the use of herbs and spices provide us with numerous health benefits some of these also […] Read more