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Nifty Hacks for Lazy practitioners

Hey beautiful souls! How is everyone doing today? I thought today, let the article be a bit different, amidst all the knowledge that you gain every day, let me share some hacks with you all, which may make your life a bit easier when you are pressed of time! 1. Cannot make time for self-healing? Program […] Read more


Life Energy – Back to Basics

Life Energy: Back to Basics

The higher a practitioner ascends inward the more resigned to the will/virtues of the lord he becomes and obtains the lovely image of the God thereby the true virtues of nature within himself/herself. The real wisdom that will bring about change in one’s life occurs by changing the very nature of the mind and experiencing […] Read more


Reiki and Kids

Reiki & Kids

One of the things I get asked about quite a bit is how safe Reiki is to use with kids. Can you use it on kids? Is it safe? Can you teach Reiki to kids? Is it safe for them to use it on their own? The answer is yes, yes, and YES! Reiki is […] Read more


The Protective Powers of Reiki

The Protective Powers of Reiki

A common question I have received as a Reiki Master is whether I have ever absorbed “negative” energies released from clients’ bodies during a Reiki session. Several energy healing facilitators have told me stories of times they have felt ill, or overcome with sad or angry feelings, during their work with clients. Although I have […] Read more

Discovering and Deepening Ones Relationship with your Guides

In these articles we are going to be discussing techniques for getting in touch with your guides and deepening our relationships with them. These techniques are suited for both beginners and more experienced practitioners. These are the techniques we will be using today. • Quiet Meditation • Guided Meditation to meet your Guide • Daily […] Read more

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