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12 step process to use Mandala Yantras and paintings with Reiki

Ranjini’s own Mandala paintings for Self-Protection and attunement to God and Goddess energy The Process to Use Mandala Yantras with Reiki Cellular Reprogramming and Affirmations as a 30-day Emotional Healing Process Please make a printout of this or any customized Mandala Yantra and keep it near your altar or in a place where no one […] Read More

Positive Reiki Affirmations For A New Week

For some people I have found that it is easier to bring change into their life for a week at a time instead of thinking of it as forever right from the start. Focusing on just a week at a time can really help some people to make huge life changes that they might feel […] Read More

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Ingredients for Effective Reiki Healing

Have you ever wondered why after your Reiki attunenements/ healing sessions, the Masters instruct you to drink lots of water, eat raw fruits and vegetables, take adequate rest and sleep, rock salt water bath, deep breathing, daily grounding, aura sweeping, aura shielding, set clear intentions and positive affirmations during your Reiki healings? The reason is, […] Read More


Re-train your Mind with Reiki

Re-train Your Mind With Reiki

Reiki offers healing in such a special and unique way. It helps you heal physically, emotionally and mentally. Each one is important and you may notice these parts healing one at a time, in a pair, or all together. If you are having negative thoughts it is impossible to heal. The mind is an amazing […] Read More


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