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phillip hawkins

Mastery requires clarity before skills can develop

Phillip Hawkins Reiki Personal Development Medicinal ‘’Pick n Mix’’ Take two twice daily until your condition improves Mastery requires clarity before skills can develop Saying No is always an option. Sometimes it becomes a necessity The key to repetition is to keep doing it The key to success is to know what to start, and […] Read more

If you think of doing Reiki you have missed the point

If you think of doing Reiki you have missed the point. Reiki is not something you do; it’s not a tool to be taken out of a box when something or someone needs fixing. When we think of doing Reiki, or even giving Reiki to another we perceive it as something external to be used […] Read more

Reiki is much more than a label

We label and categorise without a second thought, not realising in doing so we impose measurement, limitations and restrictions. We define what is and inadvertently make a judgement on anything that falls outside of those parameters. This is, so that can’t be. Belief no matter how spiritual is restrictive and limited; a child in faith […] Read more


The Master of the First Principle

Reiki Principles

There was once a young warrior who had grown arrogant and full of his own importance. Filled with boastful pride from his many victories and contemptuous of those he had vanquished. He was driven to prove he was invincible against any mortal man; only the gods had the power to defeat him. A priest at […] Read more

A Holistic Approach To Self Development

We are living in exciting yet turbulent times; subtle yet profound changes are taking place in society and the world as a whole. People are becoming more and more dissatisfied with their quality of life and are looking for new and different ways to deal with the stress related problems of the twenty-first century. We […] Read more

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