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Reiki and Permission

Reiki and Permission

Across healing modalities, one aspect remains common: one is not allowed to heal another without consent. And yet, this is probably the most flagrantly violated one too, as we give in to desires to ‘fix’ another person. Not only is this a violation of their free will, but it also brings with it consequences that […] Read more


Reiki Permission

Reiki Permission

As humans when we see someone who might need help, we may feel that we should help them. This also may happen to us with Reiki, sometimes we may see some person who may need help and we know as Reiki practitioners that a Reiki therapy may help them improve their lives so, should we […] Read more

Send Reiki permission

Were you taught in your Reiki courses the importance of asking permission to give or send Reiki? This article has come about, because of a comment from a subscriber to Reiki-Rays, after my “When your client doesn’t feel the energy” article was published. She writes: “I found this article very interesting. After a recent massage the therapist […] Read more

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When it comes to the permission to send Reiki energy to someone, there tends to be some disagreement among different practitioners as to whether or not it’s OK to send healing energy to someone without their explicit approval or permission. This is where the “higher self” comes into play. Sometimes the physical individual might not […] Read more